Shipping and Returns Policy

Shipping and Returns Policy


How long does the shipping process take?

AriCom Holdings sells both print-on-demand as well as warehouse-held merchandise. This can cause a variation in our shipping times based on what your order consists of. Print-on-demand items can take longer to ship as they are individually created and not mass-produced items. Creation and processing time for these items normally takes from 3-5 business days. Warehouse-held merchandise ships within 2 business days. After processing, the shipment service that was selected (first-class, priority, etc) adds shipping time to this. Priority is generally faster than first-class but at a slightly higher cost. During the holiday season, Nov-Dec, shipment may also have delays. We know you want your order as quickly as possible and we work very hard to get orders processed quickly. If you have any questions about your order, please contact us at

Does AriCom Holdings allow returns/refunds?

AriCom Holdings maintains a return/refund policy for the majority of items for sale on the website. Some product replacements are handled through the manufacturer and these are marked as such on the product information page for the individual product. If you have questions, please contact us at

What is the return/refund process?

Contact us at first and describe the problem you encountered with the product. If the problem is a manufacturing defect or otherwise our fault, we will guide you through the return/refund process at no cost to you. Unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for returns/refunds in cases where we are not at fault for the problem encountered. In that case in which no problem is encountered and the customer wishes to return an item purchased in new condition, shipping back to us is the responsibility of the customer, and we must receive the item in new condition to process a refund.

How are shipping problems handled?

AriCom Holdings requires the use of third party services for shipping to our customers. We require tracking numbers on all of our outgoing packages so that it is clear to both the customer and ourselves, where an order is located and when it is delivered. We can not be held responsible for lost orders, or orders that are destroyed in transit. In these cases, it is the responsibility of the customer to contact the third-party shipment company and utilize their procedures for redress. We are happy to help with this process as best we can.

How are chargebacks handled?

We ask that you contact us at before processing a chargeback against us. We are happy to help resolve any and all problems and want our customers to be happy with their orders. Please talk to us first!